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The Biggest Loser 2009
Biggest Loser 2009

The Biggest Loser Winners

Season 1
Ryan won $250,000 after 10 weeks of competing. He was 36 years old. Ryan weight 330 pounds before starting the show. Over the ten weeks, he lost 37% of his body weight (for a total of 122 pounds) and decreased his body fat by 18%.

Season Two
Matt was season two’s Biggest Loser. This 28 year old weighed in at 339 pounds at the start of the season. He went on to lose 157 pounds reaching a lighter 182 by the last episode. Matt went on to marry his fellow contestant Suzy (who herself lost 95 pounds during the biggest loser competition). This couple, which was featured in a video at the beginning of the fourth season, now has 2 children.

Season Three
Erik won the big money in the 3rd season, beating out the other 49 contestants from each of the other 49 states in the USA. Even though 36 contestants were eliminated in the first show and never reached the ranch, some were allowed to come back as a part of the "at home" part of the show. As a 35 year old at the beginning of the season, Erik lost 214 of his whopping 407 pounds to a season finale weight of 193 lbs. At the beginning of season 4, Erik experience slippage and had regained 31 of the 214 pounds he had lost.

Season Four
Bill won the 4th season by shedding 170 pounds of his starting 334 pound self. This 40 year old man weighed in and a cool 164 pounds when he won the hot $250,000 prize. His brother Jim completed the family saga winning out over the other eliminated contestants for the "at home" $100,000 prize. Jim had lost 186 pounds.

Season Five
Ali was the first US woman winner of The Biggest Loser and the first contestant to win after having been eliminated during an earlier week. Eliminated after the 4th week, Ali came back in week 11. She lost a total of 112 pounds from the beginning of the season to the last show.

Season six
Michelle was the winner of the Biggest Loser clinching the $250,000. Michelle lost 110 pounds (almost 50% of her original body weight!) and became only the second female to have won The Biggest Loser. She started the show at 242 lbs. and ended weighing just 132 lbs.

Season seven
Helen won The Biggest Loser out of the contestants that were still on the show. She got $250,000 for it. Jerry was The Biggest Loser of the at-home contestants winning $100,000.

Season eight
Danny a Land surveyor and musician and 40 years old, of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, became the biggest Biggest Loser of all time to that point when he dropped 239 lbs., coming down from 430 to 191. He beat out his rival and show roommate Rudy Pauls, a 31 year old, in the season 8 finale.

Season nine
Michael won the Season 9 live finale at "The Biggest Loser" which couldn't come fast enough for contestants eating fish and veggies for weeks following incredible at-home losses. Ashley and Michael had locked in their shot at the $250,000 crown, America sadly for Daris voted Daris over Koli for the third spot. Ironically if America hadn’t forgave Daris's late-night eating habits, they would have helped him by letting him win the at home prize and Koli would have been the rightfully, super thin Koli to win the 250,000 instead of the at-home $100,000 which he did win. Then Daris would have won the 100,000 and Michael would have won nothing.

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