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Season 8 of The Biggest Loser 2009 finale aired Tuesday, December 8, 2009. The last two contestants who headed into the finale were Rudy Pauls and Danny Cahill. In this instance, tv fans at home decided whether Amanda Arlauskas or Liz Young, who had found themselves below the yellow line on the pre-finale episode, would have a chance at the $250,000 prize. Viewers up to that point had been updated to the fact that Danny had lost 201 lbs for a total body weight percentage loss of 47 percent. Rudy had lost slightly more for a total weight of 213 lbs equating to 48 percent of his body weight. At the same time, Amanda shed 80 lbs for 32 percent of her body weight and Liz dropped 85 lbs bringing her to a loss of 32 percent of her body weight. Who would be crowned the Biggest Loser winner? Viewers at that point tuned in for the post-finale update! And the winner/loser is….

The Biggest Loser Season 9 Recap

The biggest loser has been a show telecasted by NBC, which has been able to win the heart of many. It’s a show with a simple motive to help people live a long healthy life. The show revolves around the problem of obesity that has been increasing in USA. The show features on the effects that you face if the problem continues and the ways you can help yourself and people around understand that they are required to change the way they have been leading their life from a long time. Season nine continued with the same price money that has been constant since season one i.e. $250,000. This was the longest of all seasons till now with nineteen episode in all where participants were made to workout with a change in their eating and living habits and the one who could make the minimal change at the end of the week was send home. The first episode of the season nine got telecasted on 5th of January 2010 and the grand finale took place after five months i.e. on 25 May, 2010. The success of the show is still talked about and the participants have been all happy and healthy since then.

Season nine had 22 participants, who were divided into eleven teams competing against each other initially. The teams members were not randomly selected but cam together as they were either two people coming from the same family or friend been together from a long time. Each team was given a specific color that represented the members of the team like the blue team was a pair of mother & daughter named Vicky Andrews, Cherita Andrews, the orange team had mother & son named Cheryl George, Daris George, the white team consisted of a mother & son again Maria Ventrella, Michael Ventrella, the black team was of father & daughter named Andrea Hough, Darell Hough, the red Team had husband & wife named Lance Morgan, Melissa Morgan, the green team was a pair of mother & daughter named Miggy Cancel, Migdaila Sebren, the pink team was again of mother & daughter – Sherry Johnston, Ashley Johnston, the grey team had Cousins named Sam Poueu , Koli Palu, the yellow team was of Father & daughter named O’Neal Hampton, Jr. , Sunshine Hampton, the purple team again had Mother & daughter named Patti Anderson , Stephanie Anderson and finally the brown Team was the unique one with twin brothers named John Crutchfield , James Crutchfield.

The won who won the title this season was Michael Ventrella from the white team who was trained by Bob Harper. This was actually the first time that someone from Bob’s team too the title and made him proud. Till date there was no doubt about the capability and the training skills of Bob but at the same time there was no feather in the cap that he got from the Biggest Loser. Michael was a DJ by profession and was desperate to loose weight as was over 500 pounds when the show started. The mane reason of him being this way was the type of eating habits he had and that he never used to get time to workout. However, everyone was surprised when they saw him loose approximately 50 % of his body weight by the time the final episode was aired. He has and always been thankful to the trainers and all the instructors who worked with him and to get him to a point were he can be proud of himself and be a role models for others as well.

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